Terms & Conditions

(a.k.a. Legal Mumbo Jumbo)

Presentify.me was built with the notion that daily deal vouchers should look more presentable when being used as gifts. We have not yet discussed the use of vouchers that have been re-images by Presentify.me with deal negotiators or merchants, and therefore recommend that the person redeeming the voucher have the original voucher on hand just in case. Although we have not had any problems in our own extensive testing with using presentified vouchers, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case with all merchants.

Vouchers re-imaged by Presentify.me contain all relevant information required for redemption, and abide by the same terms and conditions indicated on the original voucher and on the site the deal was purchased from.

Finally, Presentify.me does not store any personal, or voucher information collected during the process of re-imaging your daily deal voucher.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at [email protected].

Happy Presentifying!

The Presentify.me Team

Presentify.me is a division of Tact Marketing Inc.